GDC 10: Sony’s Motion Controller Is PlayStation Move

Throughout its development, Sony didn’t say much about its motion controller device. However, during the companies development programing presentation at the Game Developers Conference, the PlayStation-maker released mountains of details about the upcoming device, a device entitled “Move”.

Fully titled “PlayStation Move”, Move uses a combination of wand-style controlling devices and the PlayStation Eye camera to track movement. “It allows you to immerse yourself into the action with incredible precision, rather than simply playing a game,” said Sony Vice President, Peter Dille. Dille also says that the device can recognize both “fast and subtle” movements.

“We’re paving a path from the Wii household to the PS3 household,” he continued. “We’re planning to design games that target all genres and audiences, including core gamers, and we’re treating this like a virtual platform launch. This will be our biggest effort of the year.” In conjunction with the Eye, Move will launch at a “sub $100” price tag — with three featured bundles — this fall.

  • Chris

    Looks exactly like the Wii Remote, except it's black and has a blue ball at the top of the one on the right. Way to go, Sony.

  • babyd!ck

    Sup Digg.

  • Yeah.. right

    lol… that blue ball is jut unnecessary… looks more like an adult toy xD or a night flash… lol nice try sony… But think yah fail.

  • johnymaccer

    NIce, right when I thought PlayStation couldnt get any better!


  • jasonthegerk

    This is FAIL!!! Nice blue ball on the end of the Wii Mote. Sony is so NextGen!

  • brady

    So this will be sold at every adult store? or just some

  • Devo07

    Is 100$ to much? What is your opinion? Seems like a total rip off from Nintendo. Congratulations Sony! You know how to copy and paste! It will depend on the games that make use of it and wether or not people want to shell out an additional 100 bucks for this thing.

  • Prootzel

    $100 ain't so bad, because that is the price of the remote bundled with the playstation eye and a game. I imagine the individual remotes will be on par with the wiimotes in terms of pricing.

  • EFER

    SHUT UP!!!