God of War III Utilizes 35GB of Blu-Ray Space

It’s likely the most anticipated game of this year, but how much space does it take up on a Blu-Ray disc? Apparently, alot! Tim Moss, Director of Technology at Sony Santa Monica, revealed the monstrous amount of space that God of War III will take up on a Blu-Ray disc.

In a tweet placed this morning, Moss states “#GOW3 35GB of goodness. Thank heavens for Dual Layer Blu-Rays”. That in mind, it’s great to see a developer using the disc space being used so wisely, seeing that a discs total capacity is about 50 gigabits of space. Everytime we hear news about God of War III, it seems to get better and better.


  • WOOOOOOOOOOOOW 35 GB?!?! This gonna be AWESOME!!!

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