Madden Prediction Is On The Money, Saints Champs

Recovering from an debilitating first half, the New Orleans Saints marched down the field, both offensively and defensively, giving them the victory over the Indianapolis Colts; winning the teams its first Super Bowl championship, as predicted by the Madden NFL Super Bowl simulation.

“We played for so much more than ourselves. We played for our city. We played for the entire Gulf Coast region. We played for ‘Who Dat’ nation,” said Drew Brees, Saints Quarterback and Super Bowl MVP. “The city was 85 percent under water, most of the population moved to other cities, and none of them knew if they’d ever come back. It’s just an amazing feeling.”

However, the simulation predicted that there would be “offensive fireworks” from both sides of the field but, as you could tell, Super Bowl XLIV was pretty much one sided, for the most part. But, on the other hand, the simulation was right about Drew Brees taking home the MVP title.

“I’ve never even thrown for six touchdowns in ‘Madden,'” Brees told ESPN after throwing six touchdowns in real life against the Lions. “I’ve had people throw six touchdowns on me, but I’ve never thrown that many in ‘Madden.’ Fans tell me that my ‘Madden‘ character is all souped-up in the game, and it’s pretty crazy to sit there and see how cool the graphics look, but I guess I’m just not very good at playing as myself.”

EA Madden NFL 2010