Capcom Unveils Super Street Fighter IV, Not Downloadable


Now that Street Fighter IV has done series justice, Capcom is looking to expand the series with a new title called Super , reports GameSpot. In which plans on improving everything about the original, meaning more playable characters, new ultra combos, improved online features, and rebalanced characters.

However, this isn’t a downloadable add-on for Street Fighter IV. You see, when Street Fighter IV was in development, certain aspects of code weren’t laid out in a way to support the features being added to . As a result, SSFIV will be released as a standalone disc that won’t be sold at full price.

But, don’t get rid your copy of Street Fighter IV just yet. According to its producer, Yoshinori Ono, SSFIV offers SFIV owners a bonus content that Capcom hasn’t revealed yet. As far as what to expect from the new game, Super Street Fighter IV will be a mix of feedback by Street Fighter IV fans, and a mixture of new content that the team had originally planned to add to Street Fighter IV.

As a result, the game’s original roster of 25 characters is being bumped up by roughly eight new playable characters, including T. Hawk and Juri, as Capcom is looking to add both new and retro characters to the mix. Super Street Fighter IV is slated to ship in spring of 2010 for the and 360.

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