Kojima Explains Why He Took on MGS: Peace Walker, Introduces “Love Box”

In an interview published by the Japanese magazine, Dengeki: PlayStation, Hideo Kojima explained why he took the role of game designer on Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, despite his previous claims that he would play a smaller role in the development of Metal Gear games after Metal Gear Solid 4.

“At first, I was just going to create the overall guidelines and concepts for the project, and leave it in the hands my excellent staff. I was going to have a hand in the project as a producer, and make titles other than MGS. But, I set the game in the South American(sic) country of Costa Rica and created a story with themes about nuclear deterrence and the cold war. It looked as if it might be very confusing to young people, because of generational differences. So, in the end I finally said, “I’ll do it.”

The only time Kojima directly referenced the gameplay of MGS: Peace Walker during the interview was when discussing the trailer shown at Sony’s press conference. When pressed about the cardboard box with two Snakes in it, Kojima said, “what we showed is called ‘The Love Box’.”

When discussing Metal Gear Solid: Rising Kojima said that it would not be a traditional Metal Gear game. “It’s a completely different kind of action than what has appeared in the series so far.” He also said, “I’ll be working more deeply on the project then a normal producer.”

  • Dan

    Costa Rica is not a South American country, but a Central American one. 😉

  • Johnno

    So Rising will indeed have a different gameplay style… Interesting. Seems like Peace Walker is going to be awesome! Hopefully Kojima can personally make the game what he wants and we get some of the creative greatness/craziness that was there in MGS2!

  • saminseattle

    I believe Kojima’s direct ties with MGS:PeaceWalker will create quite an awesome product. However, I’m a bit worried about MGS:Rising because it seems as if it will be going in a totally different direction as its predecessors. Just have to wait and see.

  • Eight Ball

    I think what’s happening is that MGS: Rising is a spin off and is going multi-platform to keep Microsoft and Konami happy.

    MGS: Peace Walker is a more proper MGS on PSP, something that Kojima and his team can put their heart into more.

    Then when MGS5/MG5 or whatever it’s called comes out, it’ll be PlayStation exclusive cause that’s what Kojima himself probably wants.

    If that’s what’s happening, which I reckon it is, I reckon it’s a great plan. Keep M$ and Konami happy, yet still get to work on a separate PSP title to keep Kojima and his team occupied.

    Then about 2/3rds of the way through PS3’s life cycle, or possibly a bit further, Kojima can make a Metal Gear game that really takes advantage of teh hardware.

  • dah

    WTF the game takes place in Costa Rica!!!
    MIND BLOWN……………………………………….

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  • i thought it was set in colombia?