Reason For Modern Warfare 2 Name Change

There were many reports today stating that Modern Warfare 2 has dropped the ‘Call of Duty’ out of its name, so we asked Activision for a reason why they changed the name. Responding, a company spokesperson told us as to the reason why.

“Modern Warfare has taken on such a life of its own, it has become our focus now,” we were told by the company spokesperson. But, sadly, other then that we were reminded that, “it’s too early to release additional details.”

The game is planned to release November 10th 2009. More details will be revealed in our upcoming preview of the title coming god knows when.

  • travis

    Joe your a retard. infinity ward IS call of duty. treyarch just screwed up the franchise by ripping off of iw and not contributing anything worthwhile. WaW is crap, i bought it played it and returned it the next day. COD is whatever IW says it is, if they want to drop that title whatever, but treyarch still has not and never will make a real COD game. They killed the franchise. twice. but IW is the phoenix, every other year.