BioShock 2 Revealed In 200th PC Gamer Mag

We have been patiently waiting for sometime now, but still they haven been candid on releasing any details on the title. But, now it looks like they plan to change that with the release of the 200th anniversary edition of PC Gamer mag.

In an CVG report it revealed that in the 200th anniversaryedition of PC Gamer BioShock 2: Sea of Dreams will be unveiled to the public – screenshots and everything.

The ‘next month’ page of PC Gamer issue 199, which is in subscriber’s hands now, promises a “world exclusive” on the 2K sequel, which after all the teasing we’ve been succumbed to this month surely must be the first proper look.

According to vague hints on 2K’s viral website, the second game takes place seven years after the original when a spree of mysterious kidnappings of young girls are cropping up in coastal towns along the Atlantic – and it looks like something from the sea is responsible. PC Gamer 200 will be on shelves on April 9.