Guerrilla Games Working on More Killzone Titles?

killzone2Well, that didn’t take long. According to a GameTrailers Forum user TheRandomGamer, when reading a dutch gaming magazine, Power Unlimited, they found an interview with one of the developers at Guerrilla Games. And in the interview they said that Guerrilla Games were already working on Killzone 3, which the mag quoted for a newspaper called ‘De Volkrant’.

They also said that they were are also working on another Killzone: Liberation title, which they called simply Killzone: Liberation 2, and they say that the title will be headed our way in 2010.

“There has always been some uncertainty about the numbering of the Killzone games. Back when the first trailer of Killzone 2 was shown, some people were calling it Killzone 3 because the project name for Killzone: Liberation for the PSP was Killzone 2. But we think it’s quite clear that Killzone: Liberation on the PSP is a stand alone game,” said the mag.

“There are still some Killzone games coming. The devs told the newspaper “de volkskrant” that they are already working on Killzone 3. It’s not a big surprise, but it’s nice to know. We’ve also heard that Killzone: Liberation 2 is being worked on and will come out in 2010. Then there’s the question what the third GG, Guerrilla Games, team is working on…”