Yakuza 3: Downloadable Content Will Be Free [Updated]

yakuza3Update: This is only for the European version of the game. There’s no word on if the other versions will be getting the same treatment.

Update 2: It’s still very unsure which version of the game this is for, but we all know it’s not the US version, sigh.

Update 3: This is for the Japanese version of the game following the release of the game on February 26. We are sorry about that, we had though for a second that the game was already released .

Original: The game hasn’t released in the , yet, but it seems that has the downloadable content all figured out. When speaking on the games DLC, has confirmed its plan for releasing the future downloadable content for in a very elaborate manner.

Starting March 5, Sega will offer eight consecutive weeks of extra content for the game. Over the eight week period a total of 29 pieces of content, ranging from special missions to item packs, will make it out to players.