Please Don’t Suck: Ready 2 Rumble Revolution [Wii Contest]


Winners: Hi guys, just so that you know the winners have been picked and packages have been sent. 

Contest: Here’s the deal people, we are holding a contest in were you can win a Wii. So… all you have to do is just click – they have to be legitimate clicks – on the boxing glove at the end of this post and post a comment telling us you did. And yes, if you tell a friend about this contest, and they click on the boxing glove, your chances will go up, but you’ll have to leave a comment telling us you did. By the way, the contest ends on March 10 so act fast, we will announced the winner via e-mail and that persons name will appear on this website. Also, all pre-orders of R2R from Amazon and GameSpot are $10 off.

For a game that has so little hype, it seems that Ready 2 Rumble Revolution has the chance to be one of the greatest Wii titles of this year. I know, I know. It isn’t as good looking as MadWorld, but if they don’t mess it up it can, at least, be good. And just so that we have a solid back story here’s a list of reasons why.

The family element: Okay, we all know that people in your family don’t know alot about video games, or atleast not as much as you do, and knowing them they will buy the game for you.

Larger list of playable characters: Being the third game in the series you know there isn’t going to be a short list of characters.

Funny looking people: I don’t mean to be mean, but who doesn’t want to mess up the face’s of funny looking characters? Let’s face it, you all want to pick on these characters because they look funny, just look at the picture I used for this article, doesn’t it make you want to beat him up?

The BIG Las Vegas Showdown: Personally, I have never been to Las Vegas so I’m thinking that when this game comes out I can make a character and take him, or her, all the way to ‘the BIG Las Vegas showdown’.

Controls: Being, what is one of the key parts of the game, this game can really be very strong on the controls area mainly because it uses the Wii control system from it’s a boxing game.

I know this list isn’t going to win you over, but if it doesn’t do good in all these areas along with the family fun factor it can’t be the on of the best Wii titles this year. So please don’t suck Ready 2 Rumble Revolution.