Harrison Wanted God of War II on PS3

godofwariiivgaWhat if God of War II was on the PlayStation 3? Well, that is what could of happen if Phil Harrison had his way with the development of God of War II. In an interview with 1UP, Cory Barlog, director of God of War II, revealed that if Phil Harrison, who had work for Sony, had his way with the development of God of War II it could of been on the PlayStation 3 – instead of God of War III being one of the first God of War PS3 title.

“…Phil [Harrison, former president of the Worldwide Studios group] had brought it up, “Why are  we not doing this on PS3? I was actually in a presentation for the game I think a year into it, or maybe eight months into it, and Shuhei and Phil and bunch of other Japanese executives were there. We did the whole dog and pony, and then the first thing Phil said was, “Very good, thank you. I just have to ask this, since it seems like the obvious question. Why are we not doing this on PS3?” And I was like, “Uhh.” And I was like, “Uhh.” I kind of looked over at Shu and was like, “You want to take this?” He was a big proponent of it, but in the end I think a lot of people were like, “It’s a smart move to do it on PS2.”

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    you rely need to put all god of war games on the ps3,

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