Capcom vs. SNK 3 Is Very Not Impossible?

If you will, take a trip back with me to 2001 and, would you kindly, try to remember all the gaming related rumors that were revealed in that year. I know that it’s hard to recollect, but there was one very interesting rumor that I will never forget, and that was the Capcom vs. SNK 3 rumor.

In an interview with Jeux-Actu, Street Fighter IV producer Yoshinori Ono commented on the possibility of Capcom reconsidering the development of Capcom vs. SNK 3. In the interview Yoshinori Ono recalls Capcoms firm focus of unwavering fans of fighting games.

He even goes back far enough recalling being asked about Capcom considering the development of Street Fight IV. With that, he goes into there being a demand for Street Fight IV saying, “because fans demanded it they got it,” or something along that road. And he says that the same may go for Capcom vs. SNK 3, that if fans demand it.

  • Erick Aleman

    PLEASE MAKE CVS3!!!! CVS2 is my favorite fighter of all time. I’ve been dying to see a sequel for the longest time. Put in all the characters you could think of, the more characters, the better!!

  • AK Chrishon

    Yes! Make a Capcom Vs. SNK 3 installment but i suggest the graphics could be like KOF 12 or even street fighter 4 if the controls feel better. Also bring back the CAP and SNK fighting styles to keep it interesting. Thats it, Bless

  • Hakuryuu

    Please make this happen. I would want nothing more than a Capcom vs SNK 3. I would also like the old school sprites, anime-style or that realistic SNK style artwork, and those C, A, P, S, N, and K grooves will be awesome too.

  • jr.chin

    please make capcom vs snk chaos two players one striker it be awsome ann more fighters from last blade and samorai showdown .MY FAV. PLAYERS GENJURO,YOSHITORA,YAMAZAKI

  • bad128

    i would love for a part 3.and to bring back1 and 2 for the pa3 and xbox that woukd be hot

  • Abdul010

    hell yeah please bring this game CVS3 we want it

  • Phil

    How can we get an actual petition to bring Capcom vs. SNK 3 along with the release of CvS 2 released on the XBL and PSN??? Let's get this STARTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If it is found, please email me at and let me know where to go to throw my support!


  • mcflyforbuddies
  • lookadumbass

    if they make this *which i hope they will* make it hand drawn. i guess i'm a 2-d lover more than the 3-d fighting games.

    and i'm just pissed my CvS 2 isn't compatible with my PS3 :'(

  • I couldnt agree 100% more. Give those who never played CVS 1 and 2 an opportunity to play it on XBLA and PSN.

  • Phillip


    If you feel like being generous, I still have a PS3 that does work but I'm broke as a joke. Do you think you could ever part ways with your CvS2? as in mail it to me?

    -Phil (the one who replied to this thread earlier)

  • I'm a generous guy, and you have a PS3 that works but so do I but i don't think that if my does'nt play *meaning can't read certain PS2 discs* then yours won't play it plus i play my CvS2 a lot. Thank God that i still own my PS2, sorry man I'm keeping it til death or someone desperate with over 2 grand will buy it off off me.

  • Antonio

    i would be so down for another installment of this game. i have both on my japanese dreamcast and still to this day play them both. there were alot of styles of fighting, different amounts of match-ups that could be had as well as mixing it up with the tweaking of the fighting styles.
    i would say yes, Y not! bring it back for round 3 with some re-done graphics and throw in a focus-attack type of game play and see what the fans think about it!

  • dickybui

    Alright guys i created a facebook group look for Capcom vs Snk 3 Plea or go to join the site below, let's get this petition going!

  • Iced Juggernaut

    I want to see Capcom vs. SNK 3 I'm pretty sure everyone wants to see that




    yes u are right i want to see capcom vs snk 3 and it should have orochi as the boss or some one powerfull and it should have fei long thawk and deejay and should have heidern ralf and clark they should go all out on it..make it the battle of the decade and dont delete anyone from before just add MORE

  • Britneluv

    me and my sister LOVEDDDDDD Capcom vs SNK 1 never played two but would love a new one or for them to make number 1 for wii :3

  • Jebus

    CvS 2 should be made for the PS Network and the Xbox Live Marketplace. I would LOVE Part 3 of CvS!!!! PLEASE MAKE IT! I WILL buy it the same day it comes out!! No 3-D, kinda ruined Street Fighter 4, that's MY personal opinion.

  • ahmed

    we need to hack online play for king of fighters vs streets of rage. this is game locked if someone win online perfect the game will unlock.

  • request snk vs capcom caw save file for smackdown vs raw.

  • I definitely, want to see a Capcom vs. Snk 3 Capcom is already developing, Marvel vs. Capcom 3 so why not, Capcom vs. Snk 3. Capcom vs. Snk Millennium Fight 2000 and Mark Of The Millennium 2001 were both, successful lets see a third game shall we.

  • anthony

    This has to be the best time to release cvs only because of the low ratings n fan opinions on the new snk game that came out.

  • super and street fighter 4 has killed the whole serious to me, capcom trying make 3d version of 2d gaming really screwed it up for us die hard capcom fans that cant be at home practicing for hours of trying to even steadily achieve the button timing on this bullshit game, you have to be amazing with a new character just to keep up with online play. My whole friend list agreed with me that the new street fighter is awful and a sad fighting game now, third strike is better. Capcom says if fans demand they will do it THAT BULLSHIT BECUASE THERE WOULD BE A NEW R.E OUTBREAK OUT FOR THE 360 AND PS3 CONSLES ALLREADY. please for the love of god n your fans do not try n mess with the 2d action like part 2 was your only gonna mess things up you don't need amazing graphics its fuking street fighter if you want fighting experience just make the charters look worn out from long battling or scars or something that's the best thing right now please capcom take this long note from my heart into consideration along with other fans and give up what we loved before the online experience happened. THANKSSSSS

    • Shazzamm99

      SSF4 is terrible cuz your bad at it? terrible logic.

      • Soul86

        SSF4 is terrible though.. I just don’t like conforming to these new things they want to put out.. I’m glad KOF13 kept it 2D.. and what an amazing display of 2D beauty it was!!!!

  • Shinkiriyama

    i want CVS 3 to happen so bad i loved the first 2 games so much and i still play them too i just want to use more characters from Capcom and SNK to fight with and for it to remain 2D since that is what both companies are best known for

  • Mightytash

    CvS2 for PSN would be swell

  • Ken-Oh

    I want so badly a CVS 3. But I want it in 2-D; but because that would not go well with average gamers, do what Marvel Vs Capcom did. They made it 2-D speed and style, but the characters and backgrounds had depth for a more clean look. Just make sure the special moves and speed stays the same as normal.

    My damn ps2 busted and I can’t play CVS 2 anymore, which sucks. Espically because they don’t have it on X-box Live arcade like they should..

  • Martinps3duder

    I want Capcom vs SNK 3.

  • A2ian_lao


  • AVP.

    Add more characters, keep the jazzy music, and if anything keep the realistic 3D background with a 2D sprite fighting style. Give the people want they want, don’t over do it and stick to what you know. This game would sell in a heart beat, oh and the customizable color schemes for the characters, and perhaps online… hells yeah.