Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Confirmed

Last year, Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune became one of the best games available, and ever since, many of us have been waiting for a sequel. But, we’ve already heard that was working on it, we were just waiting for them to announce it.

Well, today we can rest a bit happier knowing that, that time is almost here but to keep you happy Naughty Dog has released a teaser trailer for the . It also was confirmed today that Informer will be revealing the in the January issue of their magazine. So it looks like we’ll be hearing alot more about the in the upcoming months.

There was also a little information given about the game. It is said that the game would take Nathan Drake on a quest that revolves around 13th century explorer, . Also, the game will feature a new emphasis on story, as well as a “free climbing mechanic” and stealth gameplay. There was also the official name given for the game which is Uncharted 2: Among Thieves – thanks to the cover of the next mag.

Anyway, the official trailer will debut on Spike TV’s 2008 Awards ceremony on Sunday, December 14.