MS Rep: Fall Update Will Be Big Trouble

Remember the “three red lights of death” issue? Well, how can you forget, and it looks like many of us maybe in for some “three red lights” with the upcoming update for the 360. A trusted source working as a customer service rep for Microsoft has revealed to Gaming Confidential that there will be some “drama” when the Xbox 360’s Fall update hits on November 19th. The rep says that the update could bring the dreaded “three red lights of death” issue back up.

“The slick move by Microsoft here is that it’s releasing the update on the 19th, just a couple of days after the extended warranty period for launch Xbox 360s end. The owners of these units are headed for some pretty tense times in the weeks to come,” he said. “Our department is bracing itself from irrate callers after the update is released. I’m bringing some aspirin to work this holiday season,”.

[MS Rep: Fall update will be big trouble via Gaming Confidential]