Wii Holiday Supply Might Not Meet Demand …AGAIN!

Last year, many of us were very shocked by the low supply of Wii’s, mainly because every kid and parent wanted to have it. This low stock was caused by the Wii’s, then, very low price and fun factor, but by the looks of things we maybe in for it again this Holiday season. When interviewed by the , of America President hinted of the fact that there could be a chance that the may not be able to meet the demand this Holiday season.

In fact the Wii is still very hard to get your hands on today, Reggie even stated that, “one of our competitors’ projects,” he said (we’re thinking he meant ), “they will sell 10 million consoles worldwide this year. For us, that’s three months of production.” And if you add it all up this number doesn’t add up this will mean that they aren’t meeting production standards. Here’s why: the Wii production is suppose to be up 33% over last year, from 1.6 million consoles per month to 2.4 million. That’s why they aren’t meeting the standard.

[Wii production up; holiday supply might not meet demand … again via Joystiq]