LucasArts Slammed For Not Unleashing On The PC

Back in May, informed it’s fans that it wasn’t doing a PC version of The because of the vast differences in power of PCs in people’s homes. Now, Videogamer has informed us that , president of the , has slammed LucasArts for not releasing a PC version of massively successful Star Wars game The Force Unleashed.

Stude said that, “The PC being the gaming platform that it is, someone with a $4,000 high-end system would definitely be able to play the Euphoria, the DMM and really technical elements of the game. But someone with a low-end PC would have a watered down experience, they would have to turn all the settings down and it wouldn’t be the same game.”

“LucasArts hasn’t made a good PC game in a long time,” he said. “That’s my opinion. They make some pretty good games for the Wii, you know those little sticks you wave in the air, that seems like a natural fit for a lightsaber game, sure. But I think the last good PC game they made was probably Jedi Knight 2…”