Xbox 360 Slim Is Really Real

At a recent event held in , India revealed some very key information on the future of and the present. At the event they confirmed that the long rumored 360 Slim is actually real and that we should wait for an announcement sometime in December. The new version of the 360 was once rumored to be revealed in 2009, but know we now see that this rumor was actually wrong. Microsoft India has also officially announced its new 360 package deal for India, which is an 360 Core console, a 20 GB HDD, one wireless controller and free copies of Viva Pinata and Forza 2.



(this image here is an artists impression)

Update: TheANGRYPixel is reporting that Microsoft India has released a statement denying any such announcement.

Microsoft-India says:
“We would not like to comment on any market speculation or rumor. In India we have the Xbox 360 core and the Xbox 360 Pro console currently available in the market. There are exciting new game titles like Gears of War 2, Fable 2 and Fall Out 3 in the pipeline for the holiday season along with special promotions and festival offers.”

  • Jimmy

    k that is just bullshi*. simply because microsoft India would NEVER say something like that it will always be microsoft HQ in the USA. and that picture has bin on the internet befor the xbox 360 was first sold in stores

  • Jeremy Jbj

    this picture is a lie
    it is real though but looks nothing like this one

  • Devilslilhelper666

    i own the new one and i doesnt look like this at all !

  • dris

    fuck that shit looks like ps2

  • Naz

    i no

  • Naz

    dris look at your momma bitch