BioShock PS3 Has A 5Gb Mandatory Install

2K has not been hiding much after revealing Bioshock for the PlayStation 3, as we once again receive another update from them about the upcoming game. It was not to long ago that 2K games revealed the official release date for Bioshock on the PS3, which just happens to be on October 21. Now, we have learned that Bioshock, and much like many other games on the PlayStation 3, will have a 5Gb mandatory install.

According to Videogaming 24/7, the 5Gb mandatory install will take about little over 10 minutes to complete. We can also tell you that you that it will not need to re-install the game after every chapter of the game, unlike in Metal Gear Solid 4. As you may know, mainly everything that was released as downloadable content in BioShock for the Xbox 360 will released in the PS3 version of the game. The game was rumoured to have a sizable install after the BBFC rated the game back in July, but 2K commented at the time that it was likely to have an install of “around 5 or 6 minutes” at most.