No Trophies In Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm

In a member Q&A over at the Hokage’s Room one of the members asked if there was going to be trophies in  Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm, one of the devs for the game answered and said, “…we wont have the Trophy function in the game, but the in-game volume will for sure be a lot to do in place of it!”. The dev also so revealed that the downloadable content for the game “For the DLC, we’re planning on giving you exactly what you asked for; some of them are compelling missions and awesome support characters that you can freely unleash as you wish.”

The dev also hinted at a second game “…all I can say now is, enjoy STORM 1 and maybe, just maybe, we’ll give good news to our fans who is sure to get a blast from this game.”