Rumor: LEGO Harry Potter Video Game

After Star Wars, Indiana Jones and the upcoming Batman you wonder what other from the Universe would be making the step forward into the video game series. And well sometime ago Traveller’s Tales, the main people behind the games, announced that a new title will be added to their video game series and it’s already in production. And get this, the game will have an incorporating background songs by .

And when you think about it the most lucrative series that is kid friendly that Warner Bros has just happens to be Harry Potter. It will make the most sense to make their next title because after all the LEGO game series is mostly pushed toward kids.

LEGO has also made many LEGO Harry Potter toys and they have made alot of money doing this. With the upcoming Harry Potter movie coming it’s a great idea to do so. So lets just hope that with all this smart business cents Traveller’s Tales will be making their next LEGO game LEGO Harry Potter.

  • Pepe

    July 15, 2008 — E3 08: Lost Planet Movie Confirmed happens on my birthday! i will be 10!