Free XBL Silver Multiplayer Access “For A Limited Time”

A rumor has been going around the net that Xbox Live is going free for select games until fall. Apparently that rumor was true. According to a updated post by Shacknews, Microsoft has informed them that Xbox 360/Games for Windows silver members will limited free multiplayer access.

Here’s what a MS rep had to say “For a limited time, we are offering free online multiplayer on Xbox 360/Games for Windows titles that offer LIVE cross platform play,” a representative explained. “This promotion won’t last, so we encourage everyone to take advantage of it while they can.”

The representative concluded that, “When the new Xbox experience launches this fall all multiplayer gaming on Xbox 360 will be for Gold members only.” As the original rumor stated the only games that will feature this limited free online play are¬†Universe at War, Shadowrun and Lost Planet: Colonies Edition.