Qore Episode 2 Features Resistance 2

On the PlayStation Network you will be happy to see Episode 2 as it hits the PLAYSTATION Network today. In this month Episode here is what you can expect to see.

  • Resistance 2 – The big cover story for this issue is Insomniac’s upcoming PS3-exclusive FPS. Bonus! You get to see host Veronica Belmont don a mo-cap suit just for this game.
  • Silent Hill: Homecoming – A look at Konami’s upcoming horror game.
  • Madden Twenty Year Retrospective
  • Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm – Exclusive first playable demo.

Qore is set at the lovely price $2.99 per each episode,$24.99 for a year subscription.But Remember if your waiting patiently for the SOCOM Confrontation beta you will need to Hold On to Issue 1. We will tell you when there ready with the beta.