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LucasArts Will Be Attending E3 2008

Sometime back many websites reported that LucasArts wouldn’t be attending this years E3 events because they stop working with Activision as a regards to the European market. Well, think again. We got news that LucasArts will indeed be delivering the force this E3 event. In addition, to the news we also got word that the collaboration with Activision on the European market was not on the agenda.

Alone in the Dark 5 Gets Controversial Demo

There have been a lot of controversy over this game (with it’s many bad reviews and scores) and now it seems that the game will continue to get more Contrivercial. According to information given to VideoGaming247, a playable demo of the highly Contrivercial Alone in the Dark 5 will be hitting online next week. The game was once called “one of the most promising games of the year” by many sites but, thanks to many bad reviews from websites like Game Reactor Norway and other ones such as Game Reactor Sweden and Denmark the game gave a very bad reaction to the press and it’s fans. We are yet to receive the game but, if it’s really as bad as it many review scores we will be reviewing it to tell you whats up.


We understand that many people may not understand how this game could bring about controversy, so i’m going to tell you why it’s so controversial. It’s too my understanding that Atari has been going around trying to defined it’s games bad review scores saying that ” Alone in the Dark was only sent out to” the game reviewer the day before they wrote the review, causing the reviewer to re-do the review. And by bring the demo online right after these controversial statements, they are building up the demo to be a very controversial demo. That’s why i name the article “Alone in the Dark 5 Gets Controversial Demo” because the intial impression of the game isn’t looking too good and a demo would give gamers to at least form their own opinion and expectations of the game.

Thanks to AclayPS3 (from N4G)

Sadness DS Details Plus Artwork

Looks like Sadness does have a way of spreading, Nibris have just release the first artwork and details for Sadness on the DS to Nintendo gaming website Nintendic. A new horror game coming from the creative team that originally conceived the idea of Sadness for Wii. The game will be entitled Sadness: The Children of the Night, the game will follow the original revelation of ‘The Children of the Night’, a third-person horror game that comes in full colour (or color) and will be exclusive to the DS and has a deep screenplay-esque script that will be sure to shock gamers to the core.

Tomb Raider: Underworld November Release

On the official site for Tomb Raider: Underworld the game was giving the confirmation of a November 2008 release across all current-gen platforms as well as the PS2 and DS. On the site there where forums, a podcast and lots more with even details on the mission you will be taking this Fall. Also with E3 just around the corner we may more from Edios on this this game and the there 2009-10 line-up.

Take a look at the site.

Forza 3 Is Indeed Coming Says “Inside Man”

Forza babe!!! This could just be another rumor that some fabricated, considering that the only reference is the classic "inside source" or in this case "inside man." But, then there is the fact that they have the info to back it up.

According to a post on the TheAngryPixel blog, an "inside man" told them that Dhruva Interactive has been hard at work, working on Forza 3. Giving confirmation that the third entry in the series is very much a reality and that we should be seeing a proper revealing of the game very soon. Now, that you think of it maybe E3?

TheAngryPixel question the possibility of Forza 3 being distributed on more than one disc, and there "inside man" was quick to comment.

“One way or the other, the core game will be shipped on a single disc. Content won’t be sacrificed… fans will be pleasantly surprised for what’s in store.”

Rumor: Infinity Ward Working on Sci-Fi Game

We thought Infinity Ward was taking a break after making Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare , which made game of the year a rumor came in today saying that there working on a brand new sci-fi title.

An insider had a chance to talk to TalkPlayStation and stated “we are currently working on a new sci-fi title, we cannot release any more information as of yet, we may or may not announce it at E3″.

Seeing that Infinity Ward did great wonderful job with the military genre as a whole, we can have faith that they will not let us down if this rumor is true.


EA CEO Offers First Details On New Godfather Game

While EA Redwood Shores is very busy making the upcoming Dead Space, they have also been working on a new game called The Godfather. EA’s CEO John Riccitiello was very nice to share some info on this game here’s what he had to say.

“You can play this game both at the street level, much like a GTA-style game, but you can also play it top-down, almost like you’re in an RTS, controlling the strategy of the boroughs so you can see what’s going on…

It’s a game that I think we’ll be talking a lot about this fall.”

While you may have to this fall,You can make up that time by finshing Grand Theft Auto 4.

Sony: “Disc-Based Delivery System Will Fall”

Blue First it was "Blu-ray is the wave of the future" now Sony seems to think that the "disc-based delivery system will fall". According to a report giving by the guys over at Destructoid, SCEE president David Reeves said, at a developer conference in London, that the future is the PlayStation Network. At the conference he also gave some internal figures that showed over 40 per cent of PS3 owners download games direct to their machines.

"We do believe that the disc-based delivery system will fall as the power of the network base rises. At the same time, the overall industry growth will continue to go upwards as we push out into emerging markets."

Spider-Man: Web of Shadows Inside Look

Well, what can I say the Spider-Man game franchise has had  it’s up and downs. Now comes a game that can really change it as a whole and it is called Web of Shadows. In development at Shaba Games and Treyarch Corporation, as you can may all know these teams know what they want in the game and are really working very hard for this to be the best Spider-Man game you will ever play.

UFC 2009 Undisputed Launch Dated Make Way

THQ has named the UFC-based fighting game for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and mobile devices they’ve been developing.In today’s press released the game will be called UFC 2009 Undisputed and promise to stay a 100% UFC fighting game and the best mixed martial arts fighters in the world.

UFC 2009 Undisputed will ship to retailers by spring 2009.While that was the only details released today Be to comeback for more updates.

[View Press Release]