Electronic Art’s Neil Young Calls It Quits

We didn’t even see this one coming, one of the longtime creators of , , has left the company for an "new project." I have never reported about some leaving a company before so i really don’t know what to say, i’m kind’a at a lost of words right now.

But, anyway just forget about me a lets get back to the story. As i was saying, Neil Young was working at Electronic Arts for about or even more then 11 year. He worked on games like The , following that Young was put in charge of Maxis during the production of Sims 2 before being promoted to vice president and general manager of . When in Los Angele Young supervised and .

"Neil Young has decided to leave EA to manage his own company. Neil is an 11-year EA veteran who has created a lot of great games and many good friendships at EA.  We wish him the very best on his new project. Neil will always be welcome at EA."

[Exclusive: Longtime Electronic Arts Creator Neil Young Leaves Company via Level up]