Innocent Aces New Pics & Details

If you loved the high action Ace Combat series then, this Nintendo Sky Flyer is just what you have been looking for.With alot riding in the terms of gameplay and this game show pushing that it can bump big heads with the Sony PS3 and Microsoft Xbox 360. Today we where able to get our hands on this game from a member of NeoGAF in the form of some very unbelievable pictures.

Innocent Aces, and it’s story follows the encounter between the protagonist, a member of a skilled flying unit belonging to a war contractor called Rostok Office, and an enigmatic young pretender, a lady called Orishina Maumi.

Players can use the Nunchuck’s analog stick to direct Sky Crawlers’ airborne vehicles, while the Wii Remote controls the power of the throttle.

While Japan will see this title this summer with a movie of the same name, the U.S. may see this game later this year.