First Call of Duty 5: World At War Details Revealed

Developer: Treyarch
Publisher: Activision
Players: 1-2
Online (Co-Op): 2-4
Online Multiplayer: 2-16

Call of Duty: World at War will utilise the Call of Duty 4 engine but the developer has also added various enhancments, such as the ability the burn down buildings and foliage.  The game takes place primarily in the pacific, with the US forces fighting Imperial Japan.  Frank Kearsy, military advisor and Gulf War Veteran, has made sure that the way the Japanse fight is both tenacious and shocking.

You’ll also be fighting as the Russians, who are invading Germany.  With the Nazi forces on the back foot they will start fighting even more ferociously in an attempt to defend their strongholds such as in Berlin.  There is also a new party system that will allow the leader to issue commands to his troops in single player.

Mutliplayer perks are also back, including some of the favorites from Call of Duty 4, but there will also be new ones that better suit the time period.  The game also features new weapons for the series, such as the flamethrower, which according to OXM, can melt the skin off of your enemies and set ablaze grass and wooden buildings.  You are also able to shoot throw materials depending on the strength of the material.

Treyarch is promising that this new insentient element of Call of Duty will be the darkest one yet and are dedicated to making the best game they can.  They have had two years of development time, rather than the 11 months they had for Call of Duty 3.  And this time they have specific teams working on all the different versions, with the Xbox 360 version acting as the lead.

  • Loz

    who is the main character for call of duty 5 world at war and what is the name of the actor who voiced the main character ?

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    yes i would also like to know this as for i am doing a quiz and i need to no for wednesday (tommorrow)