House of the Dead 4 on Wii?

phpLA1NY5If you are a owner of a Wii request for the success of House of the Dead 2 & 3 Return. According to Sega, if the title sell well around the world the editor would plan to offer to the console house of the Dead 4.

The arcade games House of the Dead 2 & 3 come packaged together on one Wii disc in a set. In the game players can target creeps and creatures easily with the Wii remote or Zapper. The two titles will feature more than six gameplay modes, including Arcade Mode and Time Attack.

  • lauri

    I have played the house of the dead 1 2 and 3 since it was released on wii last year. Please release house of dead 4 on wii now it’s an awesome game and i’m sure there will be lots of wii players who will want it.All my friends say it’s the best shooting game in the world

  • Larry

    I’ve heard people saying that people have house of the dead 1 for the wii. I would like to know how. Please reply if you know how.

  • Great! I’m not see that in Wii but I have played by inserting coin to start playing. I Know to playing to improve score.

  • I loved the hotd series.I’ve been loolking forward to playing House Of The Dead 4 on wii!

  • JediMasterOW

    I hope they make a House Of The Dead 4 on Wii. I think they will
    though,if there's a House of the Dead 2&3 return,then there must be a 4.

  • JediMasterOW

    I hope they make a House Of The Dead 4 on Wii. I think they will
    though,if there's a House of the Dead 2&3 return,then there must be a 4.

  • Marcas_macgabhann

    ive played house of the dead 2&3 return, and i can say its a good game so i can't see why it wouldnt sell good. if it does then i say thhat house of the dead 4 will be awsome in wii version sice the only version ive played it on is the arcade.

  • deanbean


  • I hope they will make house of the dead 4 on wii because, the game was awesome when I played at Dave and Busters, and it will a lot cooler if it was on the wii console.

  • namejosh

    fuck make it so we can chose like 4 diffrent guns like machine guns nd stuff like that

  • Ozl

    yes, we want house of the dead 4 on Wii !

  • Yuhsinkai

    House of the Dead IV should really be on Wii. I've played it at Dave and Busters and it was pretty awesome. The only problem was with shaking the gun, but on Wii, that'd make perfect sense.

  • Zac500

    i love house of dead 4 its my favorite one out of all 5 i play it at arcade every day
    i hope they bring it out on wii i am desperate to get it if house of dead 2&3 are out on wii then 4 should be ou as well

  • Lindsay

    The house of dead is my favorite game of all time!!!! I will be the 1st to buy it if it comes on the wii!! It needs to come out before Xmas. I love love love this game.

  • Sephirothbearknight

    they need to just stop playing around and just make it for the wii. it makes sense after all. they made resident evil for the wii like two different games, they made dead space extraction. now they have the house of the dead 2 and 3 return. do the math they have to make it and it would sell there’s no maybe about it. shooters+zombies (creatures) = best seller.

  • Tasha_melton

    Please bring it to WII I am tired of going to GameWerks and spending $100 on this game I want to play at home so I can relax & kick butt

  • ayodeji

    house of thd dead 4 game is an awsome game thats why they should bring it on wii. the minute they bring it out i will buy it

  • Hookian

    please please please please bring this out