Halo Sr. Environmental Artist leaves 343 Industries

Former Bungie and Halo Sr. Environmental Artist Vic DeLeon revealed today that he’s leaving 343 Industries to pursue “something else” after 12 years developing Halo.

“My dear friends, a few weeks ago I decided after almost 12 years spent working on the Halo franchise it was time for me to move on to something else,” said DeLeon in an open letter on Twitter.


“Don’t panic! Halo 5 is in good hands and it’s almost finished. The art is flawless -the best yet, and I know you’re all going to love it. I can’t announce what I’m doing next, but rest assured there are some very exciting things coming soon.” Continue reading

GameStop is once again accepting PlayStation 2 trade-ins

For those who have the old console just laying around, GameStop today announced that it is once again accepting PlayStation 2 trade-ins.

Previously, GameStop had stopped accepting trade-ins for the system. But now, due to a “high” demand, the retailer is back in the business of PS2 trade-ins.

“The video game console that had captured millions of hearts around the world continues to breathe life,” GameStop said in a statement. “The Sony PlayStation 2 is known for its vast library of games and being the top selling video game console of all-time. GameStop knows that a demand for this iconic piece of video game history is still high and will once again buy back PS2 consoles.” Continue reading

Stealth Inc. 2 coming to PlayStation, Xbox and PC

Curve Digital have announced that Stealth Inc. 2: A Game of Clones will be coming to Xbox One, PC, PlayStation 3, PS4 and Vita.

2046338-722909_20130715_003The shift to other consoles is due by April,  Stealth Inc. has been downloaded over a million times across multiple different platforms.

According to the press release, “the sequel expands on the action-platforming gameplay of the original in every possible way, introducing a metroidvania-style overworld, hidden secrets, customisable clones with a wide range of silly hats and brand new gadgets and equipment to play with.”

Level 5 CEO: “The more creators get carried away, the less sellable a game becomes”

Level 5 creative director Akihiro Hino, in an interview with Japanese developer recruitment site Rikunabi Next, discussed the troubles of being a creative in the video game industry.

yokai_watch_loveHino shared a harsh belief that the more a creator tries to be a real creative, the less “sellabe” a game or idea becomes.

“My consistent approach has been to “see things from the user’s perspective”. That is to say, “pick a target [demographic] and then set about creating whilst imagining what would delight that target,” said Hino as translated by automaton.am.

“It’s going to sound really obvious when I put it like this, but as professional creators pile on the years they have a tendency become characteristically eccentric [with their design]. But the more a creator gets carried away and obsessive, the less sellable a game becomes.” Continue reading

Source: Fallout 4 will be announced at E3 2015, will be current gen only

Bethesda Game Studios will reveal Fallout 4 at E3 2015, according to a source close to the company in a mysterious email.

downloadMultiple insiders have indicated that an announcement would be made, but this source sounded definitive about the announcement happening at the Electronic Entertainment Expo.

“It will happen,” they replied when we asked for some kind of confirmation.

Bethesda have discussed a post apocalyptic New York City and Chicago as being two of locations they wanted to explore, according to our source who appeared to have a certain amount of insight about the overall industry. Continue reading

HTC announces Vive VR headset; Valve’s Steam powered VR headset

HTC unveiled Vive, a virtual reality headset in collaboration with Valve, at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona today. 

Expected to hit the market later this year, and a developer version releasing in the Spring, both Valve and HTC will have an heighten presents at GDC this week.

The Vive Developer Edition is said to feature two 1200 x 1080 displays that refresh at 90 frames per second, “eliminating jitter” and achieving “photorealistic imagery.” The displays will invoke an entire field of vision with 360 degree views. Continue reading

Source: Rockstar developing “monumental” Grand Theft Auto V story content

In addition to the online Heist, a source close to Rockstar Games has revealed that studio has been developing a “monumental” piece of Grand Theft Auto V story downloadable content.

LoN_xk4jSY2y“We’ve spent a good amount of time working on the online Heists and the remaster, however we haven’t forgotten about Michael, Franklin and Trevor’s story,” said our source. “It’s going to be monumental!”

When asked about a release date, our source revealed that they couldn’t say exactly. But that they do expect Rockstar to make an announcement “very soon.” Indicating that Rockstar wouldn’t release a updated version if they didn’t plan on adding more to the overall experience. Continue reading

Rocksteady reveals why it didn’t do a crossgen Batman: Arkham Knight

Rocksteady Studios director Sefton Hill recently sat down with EDGE Magazine to discuss why the studio didn’t develop a cross generation Batman: Arkham Knight; because they wanted to make the best game possible.


“Very, very early on, we had discussions about doing cross-gen,” he says. “When we were looking at it, we realised that there were compromises we would need to make with the layout of the city. There were certain areas we could only have Batman get to, and certain areas we could only have the Batmobile.”

“‘Compromise’ is not a word that sits well with me. If we’re doing it like that, we may as well not do the Batmobile; if we want to integrate it fully then it has to be on a machine that can deliver it. It was a really bold decision by Warner. At the time [we made the choice], no one knew what the uptake on next-gen was going to be like. It’s been brilliant, which is great for us and great for the industry, but it was bold.”

Continue reading

Life is Strange Episode 2 not delayed; expected at the “end of March”

Life_is_Strange_Episode_2_Concept_ArtSquare Enix have confirmed to GamerCenterOnline that the development Life is Strange: Episode 2 – Out of Time is “right on track” and that they expect to release the next episode at the “end of March.”

“Reports of a delay are indeed not true,” said a Square Enix representative. “[Episode 2 - Out of Time's] development is right on track and we expect it to be released before the end of March.” Continue reading